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Mastering Rink Etiquette: Essential Tips for a Great Session!

Public Sessions

Many rinks offer public sessions. These sessions offer a more affordable opportunity to grab some ice time. Skate rental is open and available for customers who do not own their own skates. Sometimes, skate rental is included in the price of the session but this differs from rink to rink. I have seen it included in the session price and listed as an additional fee. Always check the rink website before you go!

Public sessions are, as the name describes, open to the public. Anyone can go! Whether you are a first-time skater or you are more seasoned, you can enjoy a public session!

If you are in USFS Basic Skills 1-8 or ISI Alpha-Gamma, public sessions are a great way for you to practice! However, if you want to do more difficult maneuvers (e.g. three turns, C-steps, edges), go to the center circle to practice. Do not weave in and out of the general flow of traffic. Remember: you are in a public session.

Freestyle Sessions

Rink exceptions to Public/Freestyle session policies

Tips to have a great session!

Here are two great examples!

Source: USFS Aspire Program: Ice Rules and Traffic Patterns

USFS Aspire Program: Ice Rules and Traffic Patterns

Source: World Ice Arena Freestyle Etiquette

World Ice Arena Freestyle Etiquette

These simple tips to master rink etiquette could make a difference when it comes to enjoying your ice session! Be safe, be aware, and be smart.

Happy skating and, as always: glide with purpose!

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